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Baby Chocolate Bouquet (from $74.50)


Baby Rider ( $137.90)

little drummer boy

Little Drummer Boy(from $109.00)

1Tier BabyCake

1Tier BabyCake(from $69.90)

Rubber Ducky-You're The One ($102.90)


Peaches & Cream $51.90

Sofa Snuggles(from $96.90)

Baby AllBlack(from $96.90)

Mother & Baby Deluxe(from $123.90)

Baby Gift Box (from $79.50)


Elephant Hugs (from $76.40)

Tigger Tickles ($88.90)

Rainbow Rattles (from $94.90)

Clothing Bouquet (from $54.90)

'Iced' BabyCake(from $95.90)

Bow-Licious (from $88.00)

Caterpillar Swirl $88.90)

3Tier Flowering BabyCake (from $76.50)


4Tier BabyCakes (from $208.00)

Soft Toys Rosebuds (from $146.90)

Nursery BookCase ($146.50)

Special Delivery (from $98.40)

White Innocence (from $54.90)

Beatrix Potter Tower (from $86.90)

Peek-A-Boo (from $143.90)

Boxed Baby Bouquet (from $86.90)

LadyBird BabyCake(from $67.90)

Giraffe Baby Antics (from $67.70

Butterfly Tulle(from $47.00)

Baby Fountain ($133.00)

3Tier BabyCake(from $118.90)

County Garden Swing(from $91.90)

black & white

Chocolate Indulgence($69.90)

BirdBath (from $69.90)


Mini Elegance (from $34.90)

Simply Scrummy BabyCake (from $58.90)

CupCakes Topiary  ($82.80)

Baby High-Chair ($139.90)

StrawBerry ShortCake (from $64.50)

Bundle Of Joy (from $59.90)

Ultimate Flower Basket (from $92.90)

4Tier BabyCakes (from $208.00)

Wee Polka Dot (from $39.90)

SleepyTed Bouquet (79.90)

Frangipani Love (from $84.90)

Special Delivery ($95.80)


Teddy Bouquet ($62.90)

Blooming Buds For Baby (from $69.00)

Bouquet Gift Bag(from $39.80)

Family Tree($147.90)



Baby Bonnet Bouquet (from $84.90)

Topiary(from $97.90)

Towel-Cake Ice Bucket ($81.50)


Duck Pond (from $55.90)

PatchWorkPresents(from $113.90)


Wishing Well (from $107.50)

Garden Arch Gift

Garden Archway($42.80)

BabyCake Basket (from $92.50)

Baby Throne (from $88.90)

Froggy's Favourite(from $77.90)


Baby CupCakes Platter


Baby Gift Boxes are traditionally a classic cardboard box filled with a variety of baby items.

The latest trend in Baby Gifts in New Zealand, include the unique and expertly crafted BabyCake Gift Box .... The box created entirely with usable Nappies .. a fantastic idea and popular choice from the Website of BabyCake Creations Ltd .

Bath Time Baby Gift Box .. filled with all the bathtime essentials the New Mum and Baby needs.

When you can give a gift that will be entirely used, you know your money is well spent. Not only are these gift boxes unique, they are so expertly crafted and designed that every Nappy used in creating it can be used by the New Mum and Dad. With sizing options up to a Year of Age, your gift can be kept unwrapped for the new parents to admire until such time the items may be needed.

Another fantastic option that BabyCake Creations provide, is being able to add extra 'ingredients' to the Baby Gift Box of your choice, or any of our other Nappy Cakes,Towel Cakes orBlanket Cakes . A variety of extra ingredients are available to add, and details of all ingredients used in our BabyCakes are also provided on our website.

BabyCake Creations creates Baby Gift Boxes unlike any others seen worldwide....visit us today atwww.babycakecreations.co.nz and make your choice for the baby gift idea they'll always remember.

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