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If you are looking for the perfect gift for the next Baby Shower, or want to congratulate the parents of a newborn baby, you must visit this unique baby gifts site. offers award winning baby gifts unseen anywhere else in the world.  Proud to have been the company to introduce Nappy Cakes (both Cloth and disposable options)  into the New Zealand baby gifts market, our growth since launching in 2006 has been astounding.

Having began with around 6 different babycake designs, we are pleased to now offer an incredible 47 very different and unique baby gift options.  This does not include our various clothing bouquets we also include in our gifts catalogue.

We have a passion for both newborn babies and for creating.  This has resulted in our success in the gifts industry in New Zealand.  Not only do our BabyCakes come as Nappy Cakes, but also many designs have the option of being created as Towel Cakes or Baby Blanket Cakes....perfect alternatives should you be unsure on the new parents ideas on Nappies.

Traditionally well wishers have given flower bouquets or baby gift baskets, ofwhich you have many choices online.  We encourage you to search for gifts more unique, more practical and more beautiful than any of our beautiful Baby Gift Cake Designs. Our customers keep returning for a good reason.

At BabyCake Creations, we believe most people can create a baby gift basket...which is why we began this unique business in 2006....a major gap in the baby gifts market has now been filled.  We believe our one of a kind baby gifts are unsurpassable in quality, price, beauty and uniqueness.

Whether you are looking for a new baby boy, a newborn girl or a yet to be born baby of unknown gender, the various designs we offer cater for all tastes and affordability.

When comparing our prices against other baby gifts, in terms of quality, quantity, craftsmanship and beauty, your choice from BabyCake Creations is the number 1 option for you.


Baby Gift Boxes are traditionally a classic cardboard box filled with a variety of baby items.

The latest trend in Baby Gifts in New Zealand, include the unique and expertly crafted BabyCake Gift Box .... The box created entirely with usable Nappies .. a fantastic idea and popular choice from the Website of BabyCake Creations Ltd.

Three design options are available for these gift box classics.

Bath Time Baby Gift Box .. filled with all the bathtime essentials the New Mum and Baby needs.

Feeding Time Baby Gift Box ... chocka fill with items associated with feeding time for baby.

BedTime Baby Gift Box.....including an adorable Night Time Night Light and many more necessities for baby.

When you can give a gift that will be entirely used, you know your money is well spent.  Not only are these gift boxes unique, they are so expertly crafted and designed that every Nappy used in creating it can be used by the New Mum and Dad.  With sizing options up to a Year of Age, your gift can be kept unwrapped for the new parents to admire until such time the items may be needed.

Another fantastic option that BabyCake Creations provide, is being able to add extra 'ingredients' to the Baby Gift Box of your choice, or any of our other Nappy Cakes, Towel Cakes or Blanket Cakes.  A variety of extra ingredients are available to add, and details of all ingredients used in our BabyCakes are also provided on our website.

BabyCake Creations creates Baby Gift Boxes unlike any others seen worldwide....visit us today at and make your choice for the baby gift idea they'll always remember.


When shopping online for perfect baby gifts in New Zealand, the one site people keep returning to is ... Home of the classic Nappy Cakes.  'BabyCakes' of various designs crafted with baby essential clothing , toys and necessities for both the new baby and Mum.

One of our latest designs includes the Beatrix Potter Tower.  A stunning gift, your selection of either Peter Rabbit or Jemima Puddleduck, and available in the colours of blue or pink, makes this baby gifts idea a spectacular option.

A different style to many of our other classic gift designs, this is another choice that will bring in the ooh's and aah's at that special baby shower celebration....and what makes it even more wonderful is the fact that YOU are the one giving it ... something they will never forget.

The tower of Nappies is elegantly enveloped in our special mesh-like baby pink or baby blue wrap.  Topped with a beautiful bouquet of baby socks formed into roses, Peter Rabbit or Jemima PuddleDuck is presented in a fantastic gift giving display.

The Beatrix Potter Timeless Classic Soft Toys become a special loved toy that will be handed down through the generations.  With a Beatrix Potter Classic Book also available as an additional babycake ingredient, this wonderful BabyCake will become a classic itself.

Giving gifts to the new parents to celebrate the arrival of a newborn is something one wants to be remembered for many years to come.  Come and view this spectacular babycake design today, and have your gift remembered today, tomorrow and always.


"The Little Drummer Boy" is a timeless classic Christmas Song that everyone can recall.  Create a timeless memory by giving that special baby boy, the Little Drummer Boy BabyCake.  The new mum and Dad will be astounded!

A large Nappy Cake Design, this amazing creation is available in Blues, Yellows or All White.  Although the new parents will find it hard to want to unwravel this Baby Gift, the essentials used to craft this incredible Baby Gifts option are all completely usable for the newborn (or older) baby.

This Baby Boy Gift is made with  55 Disposable Nappies (Disposable & Traditional Cloth Nappies available also).  Baby Boy is presented as our Large Calico Teddy Bear sitting on this 2Tier Nappy Cake.  With his Drumsticks 'playing' the larger Drum, the additional smaller drums encircling this are just adorable.  Also including a Baby Wrap and Baby WashCloths, this wonderful baby gifts idea is adorned with keepsake Baby Decorations.

Enveloped in elegance with Satin and Tulle Ribboning, the New baby boy in your life and the new or expecting parents will be enthralled in receiving this fantastic masterpiece.  When giving this gift, not only is Baby and New Mum and Dad the centre of attention, but so will you be....your gift is the one they will always remember.

Stunning, Usable and unique this classic Nappy Cake and others from our vast selection of BabyCakes are all the rage for NZ Baby Shower Gifts and Congratulations presents.

All products used in all our Baby Gifts designs, are of high quality.  All creating is done so in a completely hygenic environment.  Not only are you giving a selection from the Baby Gifts range they are all raging about, but you are also giving expertise craftsmanship and high quality usable products.

As beautiful as any bouquets for a new baby, and with all the essentials of baby gift baskets, these baby ideas will not wilt like a bunch of flowers, are completely usable and the most unique baby gift idea you can find worldwide.

Please visit us at

Winnie The Pooh Bear will be around forever.  The classic tales of this fun loving PoohBear by A.A Milne date back to 1926 and remain in childrens lives today.  This Timeless much loved soft toy and the associated stories will still be around for many more generations to come.

A special gift selection from BabyCake Creations Ltd can include 2 different NappyCake designs which include this wonderful Pooh Bear Toy.

A wonderful gift option is our 'Country Garden Swing'.  Our Nappy Cake is assembled and crafted to represent a country garden.  Pooh Bear sitting on his movable swing makes this BabyCake an absolute favourite gifts option for many customers and amongst new mothers.  Including additional Baby essentials and indulgent chocolates for mum, this classic design will be found nowhere else within New Zealand or WorldWide.  Our designs really are one of a kind ... uniqueness in gift giving. Another gift they will find hard wanting to unwrap ... baby sizing options up to 1Year of age enable this wonderful gift to be displayed in the home of the new baby until such time the items may be needed.

Our 2nd Winnie The Pooh Bear BabyCake is the 3Tier PoohBear Cake.  A popular design, the must have Winnie-The-Pooh is presented atop this wonderfully decorated Nappy Cake. Also available as a disposable / cloth nappy combination and available in various colours this is a perfect baby gift for either a New baby boy or baby girl.  The keepsake satin PoohBear designed ribbon is absolutely gorgeous and helps make this gifts option incredibly hard to resist.

Every new baby should have their own Winnie The Pooh .... and you can give it "The BabyCake Way".  Our unique Baby Gifts company has become so popular within New Zealand.  Come and see the entire range at

Baby gift Baskets have been the traditional method of announcing your congratulations to new parents of a baby boy or baby girl or twins and triplets.  Unfortunately, there are now so many companies within New Zealand offering Gift Baskets that it all seems quite mundane and unexciting when you want to pass your well wishes onto the expecting or new parents.

Finally, launching in 2006, the Baby Gift Baskets alternatives is taking NZ by storm.  With all the essentials of any gift basket you may find on the web, but with the extreme beauty of a top market flower bouquet, the options provided at BabyCake Creations Ltd are...simply put...Quite Amazing.

We honestly believe that any person can throw some baby essentials and baby toys into a basket and decorate with a bow.  We encourage you to search online in New Zealand (or WorldWide) for any baby gifts quite as exciting and unique as those of BabyCake Creations.  A lot of time,care,  passion and excitement is put into each and every creation crafted for the Newborn baby and new Mum and Dad by .

All babies need their Nappies, and all babies need their essential items.  Our Babycakes include all of these completely usable baby products, given in your choice of our current 47 babycake designs.  Looking good enough to eat, our recipients often find it difficult to want to unwrap these incredible creations.

With choices ranging from 1Tier BabyCakes (as Nappy Cakes, Towel Cakes or Blanket Cakes) to amazing Themed baby designs, there are gifts for baby that all find hard to resist.

Come and visit us: and see for yourself what the Maternity Wards and New Mothers are all talking about

Often when shopping online for the perfect Congratulations Baby Gift, your traditional Gift Baskets or Baby Flower Bouquets do not include all the products you would love to give, and some may include baby products that you don't deem appropriate.

Fortunately, at BabyCake Creations Ltd, you are able to build your own NappyCake, Towel Cake or Blanket Cake, only adding the extra baby essential ingredients that YOU want to give.  With additional Baby items ranging from baby socks to a classic Peter Rabbit Book to Pampering products just for the new Mum, our expertise crafts people will create a truly unique and engaging baby gift masterpiece.

Although our pre designed Nappy Cakes vary in design and style, the options available for creating your own BabyCake currently include the 2Tier, 3Tier and 4Tier gift options.  You also select the baby sizing you prefer and the baby colours desired.

As a lot of you may be buying that special baby present for someone very close to you, you may know exactly what they need and what their preferences will be.  You may choose to select certain Baby Toys but not include newborn clothing if you know they already have a vast selection at home.  You may prefer to create your BabyCake as a Baby Blanket Cake if you are unsure on what the New Mums ideas are on Nappies.  The options are practically endless.

BabyCake Creations Ltd in New Zealand provides the baby products Gifts they will always remember.  Take your choice from our Award winning Baby Gifts range or entrust us with creating your own designed special Baby Cake.

Visit us soon at

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