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We are so pleased you are taking an interest in our Incredible Nappy Cakes. Gifts for that extra special baby shower, or to present to the deserving new Mums and Dads.

Launching in 2006, our high quality new baby gifts business has been created to fill a void in the Baby Gifts market.  With options having been available of only flower bouquets and baby gift baskets which one could typically create themselves, these unique Nappy Cakes cover both gift variations.

Quote: "These BabyCakes have the beauty of a flower bouquet with the quality essentials of a baby gift basket"

Although 'Diaper Cakes' are a popular gift option in the States, even those original creations are in no comparison to the various designs and beauty our BabyCakes provide.  Nowhere else will you find such incredibly crafted and designed Nappy Cake Gifts ... we welcome you to do your own online search to compare.  The utmost care and expertise in taken to create the perfect gift for your request.......our feedback is 100% positive plus.


        Our various BabyCake designs consist of high quality  Nappies and other newborn clothing and essentials as selected in your BabyCake choice.  The Socks and Bibs are crafted to resemble elegant rosebuds, giving the ultimate beauty to these Baby Gifts.

Each product crafted by BabyCake Creations Ltd is done so within extreme hygiene standards.  Our company policy is to ensure latex gloves are worn upon the handling and creation of each wonderful gift.

Each Baby Cake is a unique creation and no two are ever exactly alike.          

 Your purchase will be a one of a kind Baby Cake gift.

A  Baby Cake from BabyCake Creations Ltd   is truly a spectacular and unforgettable newborn baby gift to give to new or expecting parents.

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